Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Power of Soy

I have become a big fan of Soy the simple power food can very easily be incorporated into many South Indian dishes. Here are some of my experiments. The first and my most favourite is SoyaBean Parupu usili. If you know the recipie , just substitute Soya Bean for thuvaran paruppu. The dish has a nutty flavout and comes out a lot crispier with less frying. The following recipe has all north american ingredients you can get easly from a super market.

SoyaBean parupu usili.

Fresh Soya Bean 1 cup. (Do not use the canned beans, they will turn mushy)
Cut fresh string beans 1 cup
Chili flakes
Oil to frym
ustard seeds

1. Soak Soya beans in warm water for about 3 hours. you could soak them overnight or soak them before going to work.
2. In a blender pulse the softened soya so that it is coarse, roughly the size of the chopped green beans.
3. Cook the Soya in a pressure cooker, usually 2 whistles or if you uuse futura for about 5 min.
4. In a pan heat required amount of oil and temper the mustard seeds.
5. Add the cut green beans and add salt to taste. Cook the green beans till it is tender.
6. Add the cooked soya beans and give it a stir.

Tastly protein rich usili is ready. Serve with rice and ' more kozhambu'

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  1. I am a big fan of soy and this receipe is delecious. All the readers must try it. The chili flakes gives it a smokey flavor and makes soy so good.
    Thanks for the post and looking forward to more.