Friday, May 14, 2010

Canadian Behl

Behl is a popular North Indian snack and this is my version with a twist.Behl is a great way to consume fresh greens and like any Indian dish the flavours overpower the actual taste of the fresh vegies, which might actually work in our favour to induce the little ones to eat their veggies.

1. Small finely diced onion 1.
2. Medium sized firm but ripe tomatoes - 2
3. Avacado - 1
4. Tamarind chutney (for those people who are fraking out right now I have substitues for you).
5. Mint chutney (well you can make this one if not available in the grocery store).
6. chick peas or soya beans - 1 can

Well not much to prepare just mix it all up. My wife disagrees with me when I tell I cooked dinner, she says I opened some cans.

For those in Nebraska, Iowa or Saskatewan if you cannot find Tamarind chutney, you can use honey mustard. Preparing mint chutney is simiple , in a blender blend fresh mint and green chilies. If you do not want this snack to be spicy just add fresh chopped mint and you are good to go.

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