Saturday, March 19, 2011

TVP thogayal

A nice sunny spring afternoon, positive temperatures and no snow in sight. After a scrumptious breakfast of pancakes and eggs (Organic , free-range and vegetarian infertile) it was time to experiment with Tofu and TVP. With frozen pizza in the freezer and elated moods that summer is in the offing, it was time to risk a meal and with risks comes rewards. This was a by-product of a  recipe I was trying.
1. 1 cup TVP
2. 2 tbsp - your favourite brand of Chinese chili bean sauce.
3. Soy sauce

1. Re-hydrate the TVP by soaking in warm water. When soft, squeeze out the water so that it can absorb all the yumminiess that follows.
2. Stir fry the re-hydrated tvp with the chili bean sauce until the ingredients have blended well.
3. Add soy sauce and salt to taste.
4. Serve over rice for a quick meal.

Did you know? That TVP has more protein by weight than ground beef with virtually no fat? Add olive oil while cooking or flax oil after cooking to get a well balanced meal when served over rice.

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